External Bin & Bike Stores Configured for the Individual Requirements of New Build

The go-to resource for specifying external bin and bike stores, metroSTOR products are designed for ease of specification, configurable to meet individual requirements and with CAD models available for immediate download.
Following metroSTOR’s 5-step specifier process, we establish the use type, storage capacity need, space available and build specifications for each store:

The output CAD Model and Specification References can then be inserted directly into project drawings, saving development time with confidence in a proven design platform.

With over 65 pre-engineered metroSTOR building layouts, most external store applications can be accommodated within design variations. Bespoke design capability addresses the requirements of specific architectural design elements, planning conditions or site footprint constraints.

1. Capacity Requirement

What Number of Bins or Bikes Are You Looking to Store?
The number of bikes to be stored will usually be specified at planning stage but the information on waste and recycling bin volumes can be less straightforward to establish.

The metroSTOR team assists with the process of finding out capacity requirements, bringing specialist industry knowledge and experience in the application of planning guidance for local authorities throughout the UK.

Output from Step 1:

  • Number of bikes to be stored
  • Number or volume of waste and recycling storage containers to be stored

2. Dimensions Available

What Is The Available Space On Site For The Store?
Once the required capacity for each store has been established, we can identify the standard or a bespoke metroSTOR model that can accommodate this within the available footprint on site.

Site-specific dimensions are added to metroSTOR’s building design platform with its pre-engineered store layouts and modular components. Space planning assists with waste and recycling container requirements while metroSTOR Cycle Stores are configured with single or double rows of cycle racks that include two tiered rack options.

Output from Step 2:

  • metroSTOR Storage Unit Model identified that can accommodate the number of bikes or bins established in Step 1
  • Type of cycle rack to fit the storage unit model identified (bikes only)

3. Security Level

What Level of Security Does The Store Need to Achieve?
While security ratings are more relevant to bike storage and generally specified at project planning stage, there will often be access control requirements specific to the ongoing usage of the store.

metroSTOR Cycle Stores are available to Secured by Design specification, independently tested and certified by the Sold Secure approval body. Sold Secure is classified to Bronze, Silver or Gold levels with each category reflecting a combination of time allocated for the test and the extent of the toolkit used to attempt unauthorised access to the unit.

Output from Step 3:

  • Security rating for Sold Secure Bronze, Silver, Gold identified
  • Access control type identified

4. Specifying Finishes

What Frame Finish and Panel Cladding Design Type is Required?
Select from a wide range of panel cladding design types compatible with metroSTOR bin and bike stores to coordinate with architectural styles and deliver uniformity of design across the project.

Panel types include galvanised or colour powder coated steel, laser cut patterns in steel and a range of timber slat types. Fire retardant liner systems are available with certain cladding types. The unit steel frame and eaves detail manufactured in mild steel can be specified as HD Galvanised or Colour Powder Coated finish.

Output from Step 4 :

  • Frame finishes specified as HD Galvanised or Colour Powder Coated steel
  • Panel cladding design type specified

5. Roof Design

What Roof Type is Required?
Roof design specification for external bin or bike stores will be determined by a number of factors including site security requirements, planning conditions and biodiversity net gain considerations.
In standard configuration, metroSTOR external stores have a profiled steel roofing system and an enclosure only specification is available where site conditions do not require a roof covering. metroSTOR green roof is a lightweight system integral to the building design and available in sedum only or sedum and wildflower specification.

Output from Step 5:

  • Enclosure only, steel profile roof or green roof specification selected
  • Fire resistant requirements identified

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