Mobility Scooter Charging Lockers



metroSTOR’s PSL Mobility Scooter Storage & Charging Locker provides class 1 and 2 mobility scooter and electric wheelchair users with a low profile, secure and easy to use facility ideally suited to property frontage locations.

Locker door access incorporates the Locinox 40 system with a number of access control options available and the roof locking system automatically releases once the access door is opened. Designed for ease of operation, the powered roof control switch is located internally to the locker, along with the battery charging panel and motion sensing LED lighting.

The metroSTOR PSL site-assembled panel system makes installation in difficult to access areas straightforward and the unit power requirements run from an outdoor RCD protected wall socket, reducing site set up costs and enabling future relocation as required.

Fire Safety

Mobility scooters inside buildings can represent a serious fire risk. They are a potential source of ignition, they are highly combustible and if they are parked in hallways, they can be obstructing fire escapes. Many social landlords have banned scooters from being stored or charged inside residents’ flats or communal spaces to address fire risk assessment actions.

The National Fire Chiefs Council (NFCC) have developed statutory guidance to reduce fire risk associated with mobility scooter battery charging and storage. The recommendation is that if a fire-resistant storage area cannot be created within a building, then secure storage with provision for charging should be provided at least six metres from dwellings.

Installing metroSTOR PSL mobility scooter charging units provides an external storage solution to address this guidance provided the six metre distance from dwellings can be achieved.


metroSTOR PSL Specification & Options

  • Product Availability and Dimensions

    metroSTOR PSL mobility scooter storage and charging lockers are manufactured as individual units.
    Data SheetCAD ModelTech Drawing
    PSL1 Mobility Scooter or Electric Wheelchair (Class 1/2)163414301152DownloadDownloadDownload
  • Cladding and Finishes

    metroSTOR PSL can be specified with a selection of panel cladding options. Frame finishes are Hot Dip Galvanised as standard with colour powder coat option available.
    • Firenze Anthracite Grey Panel Finishes

      • Colour Coated Steel Side Panels, Roof, Door Panel
      • Anthracite Grey
    • Firenze Black Panel Finishes

      • Colour Coated Steel Side Panels, Roof, Door Panel
      • Nordic Night Black
    • Firenze Green Panel Finishes

      • Colour Coated Steel Side Panels, Roof, Door Panel
      • Leaf Green
    • Firenze Brown Panel Finishes

      • Colour Coated Steel Side Panels, Roof, Door Panel
      • Walnut Brown
  • Locking Systems

    App-based, electronic fob, mechanical keypad, key operated systems and integral slide bolt for individual padlock user access.
    • Latch + Eurocylinder Lock

      • Self-Latching Daybolt
      • Eurocylinder Key-operated Self-Latching Bolt Lock
      • 100% Stainless Steel Mechanism / Aluminium Handles
    • Latch + Code Secure Lock

      • Code Secured Entrance
      • Mechanical Code Lock
      • 100% Stainless Steel Mechanism + Push Buttons / Aluminium Handles
    • Latch + RFID Lock

      • Self-Latching Daybolt
      • RFID-operated Eurocylinder Lock Release
      • User Control via app or web portal
    • Slide Bolt + Padlock

      • Self-Latching Daybolt
      • Integral Slide Bolt / Handle with Padlock Provision

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