Recycling Bin Storage

With the importance of recycling at an all-time high and an ever-growing population, waste streams must be adapted and upgraded to meet the demand for adequate recycling bin storage and management. At metroSTOR we have seen greater investment in this over the past few years and as a result have witnessed much more enthusiasm for greener living. We’re really proud of the tidier and cleaner environments that our products have helped to create. Sharing this with our clients and the residents within communities is what drives our commitment to provide the leading waste and recycling bin storage designs.

Bin fires, anti-social behaviour and fly-tipping are still very real threats that are costly and resource heavy to deal with. Along with the local authorities’ and housing associations’ own waste and recycling collection targets, there is a clear and present need for meticulously designed recycling bin storage that directly addresses these challenges.

Our recycling bin storage products have been developed specifically to allow local authorities and housing associations to create safer and more secure spaces for residents to dispose of their waste confidently. One such case is in the London Borough of Hounslow, where installing our outdoor recycling bin storage as well as general refuse stores provide a much-needed solution for reducing fire risk, improving resident wellbeing and increasing recycling engagement. Read the full case study on this innovative project.

Local authorities across the UK can differ in the types of bin and sizes they provide for recycling and general waste. Our recycling bin storage models cater for most variations of wheeled bins, including the 240L 2-wheeled bins and the 1100L 4-wheeled bins. Any number of recycling bin storage products can be provided to meet the requirements of the housing capacity and space available, which is made easier by their modular design and ability to be perfectly configured for accessibility.

Apertures & Signage

A common but often overlooked challenge with recycling is contamination. Incorrect materials being mixed within bins can result in huge amounts of recyclables going to landfill instead of being properly processed. This is why we’ve designed our products to be paired with aperture and signage options, assigning the relevant materials to the correct bins and eliminating any guesswork and complacency when in use. Our apertures are shaped specifically for glass bottles, cardboard or a mixed recycling option so the stores can be flexible depending on the type of waste collection operating in your area.

Our signage options are extensive and we can also make these bespoke to all types of waste streams. The London Borough of Hounslow involved the local school children to create inspirational recycling posters to be printed on to the front of the recycling bin housings; just one example of just how customisable these can be.

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