Green Roof Storage Units

metroSTOR Green Roof Storage Units enable valuable biodiversity to be introduced into urban environments without the complexity of design and construction processes associated with a bespoke build. Green roof benefits are both aesthetic and environmental; reducing the reflection from solid roof coverings such as steel, filtering of carbon dioxide and other harmful pollutant gases from the air, and a habitat provided for bees, insects, and butterflies.

Two types of green roof can be specified on metroSTOR Green Roof Storage Units; sedum only or sedum and wildflower. Both are lightweight systems with a steel decking liner, EPDM membrane liner, composite drainage reservoir mat, the growing substrate and finally the pre-planted mat. The sedum only type used a mineral wool substrate, and a mixed sedum turf while the sedum and wildflower requires a greater depth of growing medium to support the wildflower species.

Green roof specification is central to metroSTOR products with eaves detail and rainwater systems designed and manufactured to provide a consistent, architectural aesthetic. Galvanised and colour powder coated finishes are available.

Both our standard build format inline storage units and storage buildings can be specified with green roofs, including the same options for panel cladding and access control types. Custom green roof storage buildings can also be designed and manufactured.

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Green Roof Storage Units Variants

  • Green Roof Outdoor Storage Units - metroSTOR PTM

    metroSTOR PTM | Green Roof Outdoor Storage Units

    metroSTOR PTM is a neat and versatile in-line locker system, available in multiples of up to 6 individual lockers. Various standard module widths and depths enable storage solutions to be tailored to fit the space available.
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  • Green Roof Outside Storage Units - metroSTOR PTH

    Title metroSTOR PTH | Green Roof Outdoor Storage Buildings

    metroSTOR PTH is the design and specification format for custom secure stores for furniture and equipment, or housing plant, with configurable external dimensions, storage capacity, access systems, finishes, roof type and wall panels.
    View metroSTOR PTH Products

Green Roof Specifications & Options

  • Green Roof Construction

    • Structural Design

      Green roof structural design and manufacture in accordance with requirements of BS EN 1090 EXC2 from mild steel section with hot-dip galvanised finish.

    • Roof Deck

      Green roof structural deck is constructed from full-length trapezoidal profile steel sheet with double sided zinc and paint finish.

    • Waterproof Liner

      Single sheet EPDM liner which is 100% synthetic and UV resistant with excellent puncture resistance protected by the geotextile membrane.

    • Root Membrane

      A geotextile lining sheet preventing any damage to the waterproof liner during installation or establishment phases.

    • Drainage Reservoir System

      A double-sided drainage and reservoir layer made from recycled plastic, which allows high levels of water retention and buffering in hot weather with rapid drainage in wet periods.

    • Green Roof Substrate

      A growing medium made of virgin rock mineral wool fibres specially needled to form a 40mm deep compact and dimensionally stable felt, ensuring excellent water retention and conservation.

    • Sedum-mix Blanket

      A pre-grown vegetation mat specifically designed for green roofs, sown with a blend of sedum plant varieties to provide extended interest and colour throughout the flowering period. Sebaceous sedum plants are adept at storing water in their leaves and are therefore extremely suitable for varying weather conditions.

    • Eaves Detail & Rainwater Systems

      Formed in galvanised steel sheet with a structural profile to support the membrane system and retain green roof build up. Optional powder coated finish available. Pre-formed gutter profile allows excess water to be released from the composite reservoir.

  • Sedum-Only Green Roofs

    Sedum-only green roof structures use a sedum turf, which can contain eight or more of the species below. This type of green roof uses a mineral wool substrate, resulting in a very light weight roof. Sedum-only green roofs are drought tolerant with minimal maintenance requirements.
    • Sedum Acre

      Golden Carpet

    • Sedum Album

      White Stonecrop

    • Sedum Floriferum

      Bailey’s Gold

    • Sedum Hybridum

      Czar’s Gold

    • Sedum Kamtschaticum

      Orange Stonecrop

    • Sedum Reflexum

      Crooked Yellow Stonecrop

    • Sedum Sexangulare

      Tasteless Stonecrop

    • Sedum Spurium

      Coccineum Purple Carpe

    • Sedum Spurium

      Summer Glory

    • Sedum Stoloniferum

      Stolon Stonecrop

  • Sedum & Wildflower Green Roofs

    Sedum and wildflower green roof structures use a turf, which in addition to 8-10 types of sedum, contains many of the wildflowers, herbs and flowering perennials listed below. The drought tolerant sedum provides year-round cover, while the wildflower element has a prolonged flowering period, typically from April-September. The lightweight blended growing medium supports additional species. Maintenance requirements are slightly higher than sedum only with dead growth removal required at the end of the flowering season.
    • Achullea Millefolium


    • Daucus Carota

      Wild Carrot

    • Galium Album

      Hedge Bedstraw

    • Knautia Arvensis

      Field Scabious

    • Leucanthemum Vulgare

      Oxeye Daisy

    • Origanum Vulgare

      Wild Marjoram

    • Plantago Media

      Hoary Plantain

    • Primula Veris


    • Rhinanthus Minor

      Yellow Rattle

    • Echium Vulgare

      Viper’s Bugloss

    • Veronica Spicata

      Spiked Speedwell

    • Thymus Vulgare

      Common Thyme

    • Lychnis Flos Cuculi

      Ragged Robin

    • Centaurea Scabiosa

      Greater Knapweed

    • Filipendula Ulmaria


    • Galium Verum

      Lady’s Bedstraw

    • Leontodon Hispidus

      Rough Hawkbit

    • Lotus Corniculatus

      Birdsfoot Trefoil

    • Plantago Lanceolata

      Ribwort Plantain

    • Poterium Sanguisorba

      Salad Burnet

    • Prunella Vulgaris


    • Silene Dioica

      Red Campion

    • Silene Vulgaris

      Bladder Campion

    • Allium Schoenoprasum


    • Linaria Vulgaris


    • Dianthus Carthusianorum

      Carthusian Pink

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