CPD Seminars

Safer Cleaner Neighbourhoods CPD Workshop

Module 1: Revolutionising Waste & Recycling for Flats – A perennial challenge for managers of flats due to the increase in waste volume, introduction of compulsory recycling and changes to collection arrangements.

Module 2: Developing an Effective Strategy for E-mobility – Learn simple step-by-step specification process to mitigate e-mobility fire risk with secure external charging points.

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Achieving Biodiversity Net Gain with External Storage

This CPD includes topics such as what biodiversity net gain is and why it is important, how it is measured and what good looks like, which building features deliver the highest biodiversity net gain, and why you should consider incorporating some into external storage.

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Designing Effective Waste & Recycling Storage

Understand current legislation and guidance regarding communal store location and design. Learn how to specify the right storage system, whether internal, external or underground.

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Designing Effective Cycle Storage

Learn about current regulations and the science behind achieving the effective
and secure storage of cycles, particularly within residential environments.

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Reducing Fire Risk with External Storage

This CPD seminar will help you understand how external storage can be used effectively to reduce the fire risk arising from refuse, mobility scooters and bikes within housing environments.

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Run Type & Schedule

  • Register to attend by email and we will find a convenient date for the CPD session, either in person or online.
  • 60 minutes with time allowed for questions and project advice.
  • CPD presented in person or online using Teams, Zoom or Skype.