Safer Cleaner Neighbourhoods CPD Workshop

Having all stakeholders aligned is essential for driving change within any organisation, so we’ve now developed additional workshop activities within this CPD training session to give you the framework needed to engage representatives from Estates, Caretaking, Fire Safety and Housing Management teams in identifying issues, analysing root causes then developing appropriate solutions and sharing the responsibility for achieving a successful outcome with each project.

Module 1: Revolutionising Waste & Recycling for Flats

A perennial challenge for managers of flats due to the increase in waste volume, introduction of compulsory recycling and changes to collection arrangements. Unprotected bins and chutes are a potential fire risk but what is the most reliable way of resolving this? Why, despite your most valiant efforts, do you still get overflowing bins, fly-tipping and contaminated recycling; and what do you need to do to resolve this for good?

Module 1 Objectives:

Module 2: Developing an Effective Strategy for E-mobility

We’ve been aware of the fire risk arising from mobility scooters for some years, but the move towards lithium-ion batteries has increased this risk massively and the rapid growth in the use of e-bikes and e-scooters has extended the scope from just sheltered schemes to potentially every block. As a sector we’re extremely vulnerable to users purchasing poor quality products and replacement parts, so it’s more important than ever that you have an effective risk-management strategy in place.

Module 2 Objectives:

Run Type & Schedule

  • Register to attend by email and we will find a convenient date for the CPD session, either in person or online.
  • 3 hours total run time. 1 hour for each module with free lunch provided in between. (Modules can be split if required)
  • CPD presented in person or online using Teams, Zoom or Skype.

Safer Cleaner Neighbourhoods CPD Workshop