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As a consequence of the rising popularity for greener forms of travel, secure cycle stores are fast becoming an essential element of quality housing provision. Many older buildings lack the necessary facilities for storing cycles and, as a result, users end up storing them within their flats or on communal landings, which can contribute to an overall fire safety risk. The reality and impact of these risks has been brought to light with the recent Grenfell Tower fire tragedy.

Providing cycle storage externally is often the only solution, which, because of their remote nature, turns security into a paramount consideration. The active prevention of cycle theft is a central consideration in metroSTOR product design. Accredited by Sold Secure, our wide range of cycle storage products are reliable and built to last. Two types of smartphone access, in addition to fob-operated systems, provide extra security and personal accessibility for our customers. Additionally, these features help to illustrate our awareness of the increasing popularity of digitally enabled access in modern environments.

In consideration of greener initiatives, and to reduce environmental impact even further, all of our metroSTOR products utilise sustainably sourced materials throughout the manufacturing process, achieving close to 100% end-of-life recyclable value. Correspondingly, Biodiversity is a crucial element that we’re very passionate about, with green roof options available on most models.

Cycle storage products

Secure Cycle Storage Solutions:

Secure Cycle Storage Solutions

Appealing across a broad range of age groups, cycling has long since been recognised as a convenient and effective means of both transportation and exercise. But while children will often hop onto their bicycles primarily for social benefit, not to mention the simple joy it elicits, cycling has taken on broader values for the general population in the modern world.

Environmental Benefits

In addition to the health benefits of exercise, cycles represent a crucial form of sustainable transport, vastly reducing greenhouse gas emissions by contributing to significantly less noise and air pollution than alternative means of travel. 

In light of climate change and global warming, any means of transport that contribute to fewer emissions can be seen as advantageous. Lessening these negative impacts also protects wildlife and green spaces.

How do metroSTOR cycle stores benefit the environment?

Car owners recognise that secure parking is a precious commodity. Our view at metroSTOR is that anyone, regardless of the type of dwelling they live in, has access to safe and secure storage for cycles. As a result, we can do our part towards encouraging more use of cycles for transport which will, in turn, lead to economic, environmental, and social gains.


metroSTOR cycle stores are also ideally suited to having a green roof, bringing many benefits to new neighbourhoods including increased biodiversity, reduced rainwater run-off, increased CO2 capture and as well as creating a pleasing visual addition to the urban landscape.

Green roof options

metroSTOR external cycle stores have a profiled steel roofing system as standard. However, metroSTOR cycle stores are also ideally suited to green roof applications. Green roofs bring many benefits to new developments including increased biodiversity, reduced rainwater run-off and increased CO2 capture, as well as creating a pleasing visual addition to the urban landscape.

The metroSTOR H-Series roof, used throughout the metroSTOR cycle storage range, has been developed to accommodate either extensive or intensive lightweight green roof systems. The metroSTOR H-Series extensive green roof system supports pre-planted sedum mixes while the intensive roof system provides deeper substrate allowing for a mix of wildflower and sedum plants. 

Read more about roof types available for metroSTOR Cycle Stores.

Crime and Theft

A primary cause for any reluctance in the use of bicycles for transport is a lack of trusted security, particularly in more urban environments. In modern markets, a new and reliable bicycle often constitutes a reasonable financial investment, one that the owner will want to protect from damage and theft.

How do metroSTOR cycle stores reduce crime and theft?

Standard cycle security measures, such as a bike lock or chain, are a necessary addition to owning a bicycle, but they cannot be regarded as impenetrable. metroSTOR cycle stores ensure the proven safety and security of cycles by providing secure locking points within a secure environment to provide a dual layer of security which discourages theft. Our products prioritise security, with highly durable materials utilised in the manufacturing process to ensure long-term stability, deterring the likelihood of damage and vandalism.

Secured by design

Access control & security ratings are an important consideration when specifying external bike storage. metroSTOR bike stores are available to Secured by Design specification having been independently tested and certified by the Sold Secure approval body. Security levels are classified by Sold Secure as Bronze, Silver & Gold with each level reflecting the time allocated for the test and combination of tools used to try and gain unauthorised access during the test. The metroSTOR BIKE-S Cycle Locker achieves Sold Secure SS104 Bicycle Bronze. metroSTOR PCH Cycle Hub Buildings, metroSTOR PCH Cycle Stores and metroSTOR PCM Cycle Storage Units all achieve Sold Secure  SS104 Bicycle Gold.

Read more on how our cycle storage units achieve Sold Secure certification.

Fire Safety

Inadequate storage facilities for bicycles within residential buildings often leads to an increase in fire hazards. Many existing properties lack the required means for cycle storage and this often leads to residents housing their cycles internally in hallways or other communal areas, potentially leading to a fire hazard. 

How do metroSTOR Cycle Stores reduce fire risk?

By providing residential and other properties with safe and secure cycle storage in an external location, our cycle store products negate the need to store cycles in unsatisfactory conditions. As a result, this eliminates the potential for fire hazards.

Ease of specification

metroSTOR cycle stores are designed for ease of specification with either pre-engineered or bespoke options available. With over 100 pre-designed cycle stores the space planning process is simple and straightforward. metroSTOR is able to offer significant efficiencies by handling the whole process from design and manufacture of units through to final installation, eliminating the need to manage multiple third parties. metroSTOR bike storage units are designed to be tough and see regular daily usage in communal settings and all units offer a 5-year warranty.

metroSTOR have developed a 5-step specifier process to establish the use-type, storage capacity requirements, available space and build specifications for each cycle store.

Read more about our 5-step specification process here.

Configurable cladding & panel options

metroSTOR cycle storage units are available with a wide variety of cladding & frame finishes to fit into any neighbourhood setting. Where required, external cycle and bin stores can be design co-ordinated to deliver uniformity across projects.

Frame finishes can be specified as HD Galvanised or Colour Powder Coated finishes. Panel types include colour powder coated steel as well as a range of time slat cladding types. Our sustainably sourced timber cladding is available in either soft or hardwood timber. Our ForrestPanel SW cladding options are pressure treated to ensure a long use-life.

Cycle rack options

metroSTOR cycle stores are designed to be compatible with the extensive CENTAUR range of cycle hoops and racks. Subject to the available floor space and number of bikes to be stored metroSTOR cycle stores can be specified with CENTAUR ST Cycle Stands (Sheffield hoops), CENTAUR SV Semi-Vertical Cycle Racks or CENTAUR T2 Two-Tier Racks.

View our full range of cycle hoops and racks here.

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