William Crook House, Hemel Hempstead

Case Study Highlights

ProjectWilliam Crook House, Hemel Hempstead
ClientDacorum Borough Council
ScopemetroSTOR PSH Mobility Scooter Charging Hubs

New scooter storage signals local authority’s commitment to high quality elderly living provision

As part of an ongoing commitment to the quality of its Supported Housing Schemes, Dacorum Borough Council required safe and secure storage for its residents’ mobility scooters, with parking and battery charging inside the housing blocks, posing a serious fire risk.

Dacorum requested standalone storage and charging units to be installed that would ensure compliance with fire regulations while providing residents with easy access to their stored mobility scooters from their homes. Following due process, metroSTOR PSH was identified as the most effective product to meet the Council’s needs with its drive-in storage and charging hub design.

At William Crook House in Hemel Hempstead, metroSTOR have now installed two of these large format stores to provide for capacity for the increasing numbers of mobility scooters in use by the residents. The open interior layout means that there is plenty of room for residents to get on and off their scooters, and store any mobility aids they use to reach the store.

Specified with integrated, low energy sliding door systems using DDA compliant controllers and locks with durable ForestPanel timber external cladding, metroSTOR PSH units ensure security and ease of use for Dacorum’s mobility scooter using residents with a design aesthetic that is sympathetic to the residential developments.

Simon Smith, Asset Team Leader at Dacorum Borough Council commented: “We commissioned metroSTOR to design and install communal mobility scooter stores at a number of Supported Housing Schemes. The excellent service and advice provided by metroSTOR has enabled the Council to provide over 50 spaces for mobility scooter users in safe, clean and fully compliant conditions.”

Scooter storage has been installed at several other of the council’s properties and metroSTOR’s design flexibility has enabled cladding types to be specific to install locations and their immediate surroundings. To date these have included ForestPanel TGV, Tuffplas HDPE Brown and Tuffplas HDPE Black.

Commenting further on their scooter storage projects, Simon Smith said: “This has significantly improved the quality of life for the tenants using these facilities. Dacorum Borough Council continue to work closely with metroSTOR to install mobility scooter storage facilities within the borough.” The metroSTOR team is proud of the association with Dacorum Borough Council and we look forward to continuing this valuable partnership.

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