Eastern Road, Portsmouth

Case Study Highlights

ProjectEastern Road, Portsmouth
ClientPortsmouth City Council
ContractorVale Southern
ScopemetroSTOR PTM Outdoor Storage Units
metroSTOR PBM Bin Storage Housings

metroSTOR provides cost effective permanent external storage

The city of Portsmouth attracts over nine million visitors a year.  It has a proud nautical heritage and its port, where two-thirds of the UK’s surface fleet resides, is considered to be the home of the Royal Navy.  The city, with a population of 210,000, is in line to receive a billion pounds worth of investment; bringing 16,000 new jobs, 5,000 new homes and a gigantic boost to the local economy.  Portsmouth City Council brought other organisations together, in the public and private sectors, to work with them to help regenerate the city, under the banner of Shaping Portsmouth.

The ambitious plans include the transformation of the city centre and the creation of an out-of-town business park as well as a major focus on regeneration, like the redevelopment of the rundown Tipner area.

metroSTOR were delighted to supply the contractors of the Eastern Road redevelopment project, Vale Southern, our modular PTM outdoor storage unit and PBM bin stores that simply and effectively met the exact specifications in the landscape architect’s design and offered great value for money for the city council.

The provision of secure outdoor storage was an essential requirement for the Eastern Rd redevelopment.   The architect, working on behalf of the City council, wanted to invest in a permanent but cost-effective storage solution that made the most of a minimal footprint whilst providing a future-proof solution capable of adapting to the changing demands of tenants requirements.

While traditional brick build stores were initially considered, the cost of construction made metroSTOR’s PTM Buggy Stores a far more attractive proposition.  The 33% saving, quick installation and robust design, featuring a steel frame and high spec Locinox locking system, provided a smart, modern and low-key solution.  With its modular design and minimal footprint our PTM Buggy Stores were able to offer more storage opportunities spread across multiple but smaller areas.  A determining factor was our zero maintenance guarantee; averting the escalating cost of unavoidable repairs to traditional stores made either inoperable or inaccessible from accidental or wanton damage.

Portsmouth City Council got their outdoor storage right from the outset and invested in a cost-effective, long term solution that continues to save them money. If you are interested in saving money and would like to know more about how our metroSTOR products could be making a difference in your community, we would be delighted to discuss further.