Replacing Old Pram Sheds for Safe and Secure Residential Use

In communal housing environments, external ‘pram sheds’ can be an effective multi-use storage solution for high-density residential settings, helping landlords and housing providers keep communal hallways clear for fire safety. Well-designed units are ideal for residents in flatted accommodation with restricted internal space, doubling up as an effective, secure solution to house bulky waste items awaiting collection.

However, old pram sheds installed in the fifties and sixties often fall into disrepair, becoming unsightly, potentially dangerous, and a focus for anti-social behaviour, posing vulnerability issues to residents. With restoration typically a costly exercise, the most effective solution to overcome these issues is replacement with a traditional build or a modular system that optimises multi-purpose storage requirements.

Understanding the Concerns

The site layout of high-density residential settings also often means that blocks of pram sheds are installed in alleyways or in blind spot areas to the side of surrounding buildings. Multiple studies, however, have found that a lack of natural surveillance in the built environment directly correlates with anti-social behaviour and increased crime rates.

The ‘out of sight, out of mind’ concept often means these units fall into disrepair after years of neglect and a lack of consistent use from residents. In these circumstances, the existing units are generally uneconomical to repair and pose safety concerns for users. Issues with vermin and fly tipping often become a common concern, resulting in expensive removal costs and encouraging further anti-social behaviour.

How Can These Issues Be Resolved?

For pram sheds to be safe and secure for residential use they need to:

When looking to replace old pram sheds, metroSTOR PTM Outdoor Storage Units provide a safe and secure modular solution ideally suited to residential schemes, offering a configurable system that adds a positive architectural impact to a scheme, while fulfilling a practical storage function.

A range of dimensions make it easy for units to fit a site’s available space, allowing for more prominent positioning to encourage safe and secure use from residents. Offering ease of specification and a fast build that reduces installation time on-site, the highly durable security fixings on the fully welded steel frame of the metroSTOR PTM ensure that items stored inside cannot be removed, even if the panel integrity is compromised by attempted theft or vandalism.

Bespoke Storage Units for Reimagining Fosters Development

For the ‘‘Reimagining Fosters’ housing development in the London Borough of Barnet, the team at urbanspec worked with Main Contractors Hill Partnerships, providing the supply and installation of 154no. bespoke outdoor storage units.

Replacing old pram sheds on the estate with an improved and more secure, modular storage solution, the new units provide residents with their own individual, secure multi-purpose storage locker, specified with upgraded security hardware to achieve Sold Secure Bronze.