Underground Refuse Systems

As the world looks to become cleaner and greener, the way we store and collect waste and recyclables is coming under increased scrutiny. Traditional methods using bulk bins is labour and vehicle intensive with underground refuse systems a clearly progressive solution offering reduced collection costs, reduced carbon emissions, increased space utilisation in residential areas and improvements in the local environment from the containment.

metroSTOR continues to develop underground waste collection systems that can be configured to meet specific operational and site requirements. Fully underground waste systems occupy 50% less floor space than the equivalent quantity of four-wheel bins, as well as enabling reduced collection frequencies with less disruptive vehicle movements and pollution. metroSTOR UR series are designed for user convenience, with pedal operated terminals reducing the need to handle dirty bin lids.

With design and manufacturing operations carried out in the UK, Streetspace are strongly placed to offer a complete turnkey package for the supply, installation and maintenance of underground refuse systems. All elements of project delivery are carried out by our highly qualified national contracting team including survey, permits and associated civil engineering works.