Anvil Close, Streatham Vale

Case Study Highlights

ProjectAnvil Close, Streatham Vale
ClientWandsworth Borough Council
ContractorGroundwork London
ScopemetroSTOR PBM Bin Storage Housings

Bin storage units clear up fly tipping hotspot and improve streetscene

Fly-tipping pollutes and blights local environments; posing a potential danger to public health and a hazard to wildlife.  By undercutting the legitimate waste business, unscrupulous operators who fly-tip are destructively undermining this. Fly-tipping also presents a major challenge for local authorities who have a duty to clear this from public land and the Environment Agency who deal with large-scale, organised illegal dumping.  The latest statistics collated by the Department for Environment Food & Rural Affairs, acknowledge that it continues to be a growing problem across England with local authorities dealing with over a million incidents; up 7% on the previous year.

The clearance costs of fly-tipping rose to £58 million for local authorities in 2016/17, an annual increase of £8 million from more than 75,000 additional incidents.  Almost half of the million fly-tipping incidents were highway specific with 676,000 household waste incidents recorded; accounting for over two thirds of fly-tipping, up almost 50,000 on the previous year.  While enforcement actions were down on the previous year, fixed penalty notices for fly-tipping rocketed by over 20,000 now making it the 2nd most common enforcement action, after investigations.

Despite Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan’s best intentions, fly-tipping continues to be a major issue in the capital. Groundwork London help communities, living in London’s most vulnerable places, become greener and healthier by transforming open space and re-connecting people with nature and reducing energy use & waste, including fly-tipping.

Having recently completed a successful project for Groundwork London in the Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham, metroSTOR were approached to help realise a waste storage solution that would help Anvil Close cope with troublesome fly-tipping and bin storage.

metroSTOR PBM bin stores were specified with a specific configurations that allowed the units to be located close to the street without highway encroachment. Our custom build programme designed and manufactured two of the six bin stores with fold-out doors in place of the standard single-hinge door opening to enable this.

An additional point to note is the bin storage units were PBM (T) versions, with design dimensions to accommodate the TAYLOR 4-wheeled bins that were already in use by the Council.  The exact fit of these models prevent refuse from being deposited outside of the receptacles within the bin store.  With a variety of door apertures and access control options, preventing unwelcome contamination and unauthorised usage, the costly unscheduled waste removal visits previously associated with the location have been dramatically reduced.