Battersea Fields

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ProjectBattersea Fields
ScopePCH 48.80 Cycle Store

The Resident Management Organisation (RMO) at Battersea Fields in London is a non profit, resident led organisation which was established in order to deliver a continually improving and effective housing and management service for the residents living on Battersea Park Estate.

As a major part of the organisation’s plan to improve the area, the RMO has already focused on a cleaner and safer way to manage waste across the estates by installing a package of metroSTOR PBM Bin Stores earlier this year. The bin housings not only secure clean recycling from every household, but also help to reduce the environmental impact caused by fly-tipping and side waste issues – improving the wellbeing of the community.

With the ongoing improvements and regeneration across the site, the focus then turned to providing secure bike storage for the residents. An existing car park housing three parking spaces was utilised for a single storage cycle hub. metroSTOR was tasked with the project, and supplied and fitted a metroSTOR PCH 48.80 Cycle Store. The 8108mm x 2334mm cycle hub was fitted with CENTAUR ST cycle stands fixed into the toast rack format, and offering storage for up to 40 bicycles.

This impressive bicycle store is specified in a black powder coated heavy duty security mesh and bespoke fascia detail. The framework is finished in the standard hot-dip galvanised finish with timber post cladding to soften the overall look of the unit, and to ensure long-lasting durability. For added protection against vandalism, the access door is secured using a secure code locking system. 

The secure cycle storage hub also boasts a sedum-only green roof system, benefiting both the environment and the aesthetics of the surrounding area. The installation of a green roof is pivotal in aiding biodiversity by helping to increase the natural habitats for insects and birds alike. They reduce the reflection from solid roof coverings and help to filter out carbon dioxide and other harmful pollutants from the air. Sedum-only green roofs are perfect for our ever changing climate as they are drought tolerant and require minimal maintenance.

The overall effect of the secure bike store is both functional and attractive, complementing the surrounding architecture, but more importantly it enables residents to make responsible and informed choices on environmental sustainability by encouraging more people to cycle where possible – lessening the reliance on cars and contributing to the reduction of CO2 emissions. All of which has a significant and positive impact on the global ecosystem, supporting the health and wellbeing of everyone.

Green roofs can be specified with any metroSTOR PCH cycle store.

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