Cost of fly-tipping skyrockets in UK

Fly-tipping is the scourge of Britain costing the country more than £57 million annually. Its impact seeps into communities with astonishing frequency and in some hot spots such as Camden almost 100 incidents occur each year for every 1,000 residents. Across the country more than one million incidents of fly-tipping are recorded each year, with private land owners having to foot a bill of £1,000 on average to clean up a lorry load of fly-tipped materials.

Although unscrupulous businesses are key culprits when it comes to dumping waste, a staggering two-thirds of incidents involve household rubbish. Waste and recycling experts at metroSTOR point out that while commercial fly-tipping can only really be tackled through tough enforcement and fines, household waste incidents are often caused through inadequate storage facilities.

Capacity is often a key issue. As the waste industry has evolved many historic bin stores are too small for the number of bins they need to accommodate, particularly when factoring in additional recycling streams and less frequent collections. If all the bins cannot be accessed easily then sidewaste is bound to occur.

The location of bin stores is also critical to tackle the domestic fly-tippers. metroSTOR bin housings are a neat way to screen ugly wheeled bins and this enables the bins to be located close to entrances and paths where residents can access them easily and they feel safe because there is good surveillance, therefore encouraging correct use.

metroSTOR bin stores provide a neat solution to boost recycling and cut fly-tipping

Contaminated recycling bins is another prime cause of missed collections, which in turn lead to overflowing bins and sidewaste. metroSTOR bin housings feature specially designed apertures to ensure that specific waste and recyclable materials enter the correct containers, thereby completely eliminating contamination.

Bulky items left at the roadside tend to attract further waste, but this can be solved by providing secure bulky waste lockers to keep items out of sight prior to collection.

It is a fact of life that an unloved location or overflowing bin area attracts the attentions of the fly-tipper. The key to tackling the issue is a well-designed facility with good surveillance and housekeeping.

metroSTOR is a specialist provider of waste and recycling bin storage solutions and work with more than 150 councils and housing associations across the UK.