Dramatically increase food waste collection with the new metroSTOR FX Food Waste Bin Housings

Many Councils in the UK are looking to introduce separate food waste collection regimes following the recent DEFRA consultation and developments with the Environment Bill.

Councils already operating this service have found establishing a reliable method for collecting food waste from flats presents a particular challenge, and one of the reasons for this is the aversion of users to touching bin lids, particularly those used for food waste.

The new metroSTOR FX food waste bin housings solve this problem by isolating users from the bin container encouraging correct use while the aperture design reduces potential for contamination.

Then there’s the option of pedal-operation which users have found can effectively double the amount of food waste collected from the residential waste stream because of the hands-free user experience.

Finally, the FX foodwaste bin housing is covered by a class-leading 3-year warranty and any replacement parts that may be required in the event of damage occurring through misuse can be supplied and fitted within 48hrs, giving you complete peace of mind.

metroSTOR FX food waste bin housings can be specified in 140L and 240L sizes, four standard colours and two versions of assisted lid operation. Insert panels and signage can be added as extra cost options.

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