Global Recycling Day 2023

Created in 2018, Global Recycling Day helps bring the world together in recognising the importance of reducing carbon emissions and tackling climate change – to make lasting changes and put our planet first! 

Recycling is at the forefront of protecting and preserving our natural resources and securing the future of our planet. Each year recyclables save over 700 million tonnes in CO2 emissions and this is projected to increase to 1 billion by 2030.

In the UK, the Environmental Bill 2020 sets out the plan to protect and improve the natural environment, moving the UK towards a more circular economic model. On the 31st January, the Government published the Environmental Improvement Plan 2023, its delivery plan for the environment and for building a greener and more prosperous country. Defra has also announced that a range of polluting single-use plastics will be banned in England from October 2023. Another key measure includes increasing residential recycling rates with a target rate of eliminating all avoidable waste by 2050.

At metroSTOR, we have been working with local authorities to help increase recycling participation and quality by making it easy for people living in flats, terraced streets and town centres to dispose of their waste and recyclables responsibly. Our containment systems achieve this by allowing the correct refuse and recycling capacity to be provided in safe, accessible locations for every household, with user-friendly operation for people of all ages and abilities, and clear guidance on what should be placed in each container.

metroSTOR food waste and recycling bin housings

We are proud to play our part in raising awareness to the importance of recycling and encouraging people to actively reduce waste and protect the environment. The future benefits will be safer neighbourhoods and a cleaner world for all!

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