Green roofs add pockets of biodiversity, securing additional BREEAM and Sustainable Housing Code value

Green roof systems are a great way to introduce valuable pockets of diversity into your projects, helping to secure additional BREEAM or Sustainable Housing Code value. Hundreds of plant and wildlife species can be established in a few square metres, reproducing varied ecosystems in areas where the habitat has been eroded by urbanisation.

External stores are ideally suited to support green roof systems, with the lower height and simpler construction reducing construction and ongoing maintenance costs. Maintenance requirements are minimal, with an annual visit to dead-head plants and remove self-sown weed species.

As well as reducing water run-off, when fitted to bin stores, a green roof can help alleviate odours by lowering the inside temperature and slowing the decomposition of organic waste.  See more of our green roof storage in the video below:

Such external structures often have a significant visual impact due to their size. Specifying a green roof can help stores blend with the landscape, and improve views from surrounding buildings to create a more pleasing environment.

In order to support the additional weight of a green roof, the canopy structure will be a reinforced design and metroSTOR units can be specified with various different extensive systems. The biodiversity/cost ratio will vary according to the depth of soil and the number of plant and wildlife species the roof will support.