Fire Safety – New Mobility Scooter Storage Guidance from NFCC

The National Fire Chiefs Council has just published a new set of guidelines for mobility scooter owners and property developers about correct mobility scooter storage in residential buildings.

The report, ‘Mobility Scooter Guidance for Residential Buildings‘, helps mobility scooter users to follow responsible measures in safely using, storing and charging their scooters to prevent any fire risk in the property.

Acting as a supplement to the NFCC’s Specialised Housing guide, the guidelines respond to a growing concern for the safety of individuals using these aids in homes that are not set up with mobility scooter storage in mind.

Mobility scooters pose a serious fire risk if incorrectly stored, or not charged in compliance with fire safety guidelines. Mobility scooter batteries are made of lithium iron phosphate, making them volatile and able to reach temperatures of 375°C. This means they can ignite in just 3 minutes. Mobility scooters also give off fumes while they charge – and in the event of a fire, would release huge amounts of toxic smoke.

Mobility scooter storage for landlords

Smaller properties and older buildings in particular are not often designed for safe storage and charging of mobility scooters. This is often due to a lack of space or the layout of corridors, stairways and lifts. This leads scooter owners to leave mobility scooters beside their front entrance door, or in fire safety escape routes or protected stairways of multi-tenant residential buildings. This can hinder residents in escaping in the event of a fire, and prevent firefighters from accessing areas of the building.The guidelines include a number of considerations intended to increase independence and safety of mobility scooter users, whilst complying with fire safety and heath and safety at work legislation.

The guide also makes suggestions for residential property owners on how they can provide suitable spaces for residents to store and charge their mobility scooters. Under the 2005 Fire Safety Act, landlords are responsible for eliminating fire hazards, which includes creating adequate storage for mobility scooters.

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