Homes at the Heart

The clear correlation between poverty, overcrowded housing and Covid-related deaths has underlined in bold the need for councils to make massive and sustained investment in their social housing stock, both new and existing.

Many more issues face the housing sector including fire risk, inadequate waste collection regimes and lack of outdoor storage for valued possessions, which can impact on the physical and mental well-being of residents.

metroSTOR support the National Housing Federation’s Homes at the heart campaign; every household deserves access to a bin store that is safe and hygienic to use, and those reliant on cycles or mobility scooters to get around should have access to safe and secure storage.

Problems of litter, fly-tipping, anti-social behaviour, customer complaints and the huge cost of disposing of materials that could be recycled, can be eliminated by investing in communities, improving neighbourhoods and driving behavioural change.

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