Join metroSTOR’s Live Workshop at Brentford Towers, LB Hounslow

The third workshop in our series will be live at Brentford Towers, Hounslow on two dates, 2nd and 15th May, in order to align with as many of your calendars as possible.

This live onsite live event offers people the opportunity to see for themselves the successful implementation of closing refuse chutes across the six 22-storey blocks and multiple low-rise blocks across the estate, showcasing the positive impact it has had on the community, and providing feedback from residents and staff.

metroSTOR are looking forward to hosting the site tour along with Tom McCarthy, Estate Team Leader starting at 10am, followed by a presentation, lunch and Q&A session up until 2pm at the nearby London Museum of Water & Steam. This is 5 minutes from Kew Bridge station and there is also parking available nearby.

Key Learnings:

We look forward to seeing you there!

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