metroSTOR sponsors the RWS Conference

On 9 June 2022 at BMA House, London metroSTOR will be attending’s Resources and Waste Strategy Wrapped (RWS Conference) as an official sponsor.

The conference will explore the impacts of the new Environment Bill legislation on local authority collections. What we’re all waiting for, of course, is the announcement of the start date for this consistent approach – will it be forthcoming this time?

One thing’s for sure though, and that is that as soon as we do have the date it will be all systems go to get the necessary infrastructure in place, such as bins, liners, vehicles and staff for the operations and communications work to run alongside this.

Collecting the full suite of recycling from kerbside properties is relatively straightforward, but we all know that flats are another matter altogether due to space limitations, varying levels of deprivation, transience and language barriers, challenges with accessibility and the lack of ownership.

The metroSTOR team look forward to sharing our expertise on the holy grail of making recycling as easy for residents as disposing of refuse.

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