Solutions to boost recycling levels in flats

Managing waste and recycling in flats is a major headache for social landlords.

With purpose-built flats making up 37 per cent of London’s residential accommodation and this expected to climb to 46 per cent by 2030, finding solutions to increasing recycling for this style of property is key to boosting rates in the Capital.

The Flats Recycling Project is one initiative working to tackle the issue. Led by Resource London, it has partnered with Peabody Housing Association and eight inner London Boroughs to explore solutions. Whilst the national average recycling rate is around 44 per cent, they found that the rate from 12 estates surveyed was just 10.7 per cent, with some sites also having high levels of contamination of recyclables.

They have identified the primary objectives are to provide more recycling facilities in accessible locations with much clearer signage and enhanced communication with residents. We welcome these findings and would reinforce them with further points from our experience, having resolved such challenges on thousands of blocks across the country in the last six years:

metroSTOR is working with more than 150 local authorities and housing associations with products that boost recycling rates and eliminate cross-contamination, while also reducing fire risk, litter, fly-tipping and anti-social behaviour. To find out more visit our metroSTOR brand pages.