Streetspace Carbon Neutral 2030 puts climate commitment at the forefront of group business strategy. Working to a sequence of measures we are progressing towards a sustainable future with Euro 6 and electric vehicle fleet, reduced commercial travel, increased use of renewables for heat and power generation in our offices and factories together with responsible sourcing throughout our supply chain for sustainable employment, energy use, waste and shipping.

Recognising that an external structure is a perfect opportunity for fitting a green roof and supporting our ecosystem, Streetspace developed its first green roof bin store in 2009. This commitment to developing products that are designed with the environment in mind is demonstrated in the fact that most metroSTOR products are available with an extensive sedum roof, and selected models available with the intensive system boasting wildflowers.

Streetspace Ltd has an Environmental Management System that complies with ISO 14001:2015. Since 2017 the following are some of the measures that have been put in place as continuous improvement.

The next steps in our ongoing commitment to reducing carbon footprint ahead of Streetspace Carbon Neutral 2030 include the investment in further integrated factory production processes with the objective of saving thousands of miles transporting sub-assemblies between coating sites. Q2 2021 will see the first full EV company cars introduced to the fleet.