Free Webinar on E-mobility: A Fire & Rescue Service View

A number of organisations are actively warning e-mobility users of the fire risks relating to the storage and charging of such devices inside buildings, and many landlords are developing policies and strategies to mitigate this risk as incidents increase exponentially year on year, particularly in the Capital.

So join us from 2-3pm on 10th May to hear what Greg Ashman, Deputy Assistant Commissioner at the London Fire Brigade and Head of Central Teams for Fire Prevention & Protection has to say from an FRS perspective. Greg has many years’ experience within LFB and will be sharing his extensive knowledge gained from dealing with Lithium-ion battery fires in recent years, including the TfL tube fires and other residential buildings.

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E-mobility devices on fire


Greg Ashman joined the London Fire Brigade (LFB) in 1993 and has now completed 30 years’ service; he learnt his firefighting skills at some of the busiest fire stations in the heart of London, including Southwark, Soho and Brixton.
In 2010 he was promoted to Watch Manager within the Special Operations Group (SOG) where he had responsibility for a range of high profile corporate projects covering National Inter Agency Liaison Officers (NILO) and multi-agency counter terrorism.
In 2015 he became a Borough Commander for Hounslow serving the community of 270,000 people and the major international hub Airport Heathrow.
In 2017 he attended the Westminster attack, the Borough Market attack and the Grenfell Tower fire.

Post the Grenfell Tower fire Greg was asked to lead the Brigade’s Grenfell Tower Investigation and Review Team (GTIRT) supporting both the Public Inquiry and Criminal Investigations. Within this team he was the lead investigator with responsibility for reviewing the Brigade’s operational response to the Grenfell Tower fire.
In 2019 Greg moved to Operational Policy & Assurance (OPA) where he took responsibility and authored the first new operational policy in relation to Emergency Evacuation and Mass Rescue of occupants in high rise residential buildings.
In 2021 Greg took up his current role as Deputy Assistant Commissioner (DAC) within Prevention and Protection where he leads the Fire Investigation Team, Fire Engineering Group, Building Design consultation Hub, Transport Liaison Group, Petroleum & Alternative Fuels Group, Primary Authority Business/Fuel Groups.

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