WEEE Specific Aperture

Increasing Waste Electronic Recycling Using metroSTOR WEEE Specific Apertures

The disposal and recycling of Waste Electrical & Electronic Equipment (WEEE) present a number of significant challenges in residential settings. WEEE can broadly be categorised as anything with a plug or battery and In the UK around 2 million tonnes of Waste Electronic items are thrown away each year. Ranging from fridges to vacuum cleaners, tools & toys, WEEE often contain a complex mix of materials potentially harmful to the environment making effective collection and recycling a priority for councils. 

The sheer range and varying sizes of electrical goods can be problematic when it comes to organising disposal and collection. If not handled correctly smaller WEEE is often disposed of in general waste streams and larger items can accumulate causing eyesores for residents, increasing fire risk and becoming potential focal points for antisocial behaviour. Dedicated WEEE disposal points with clear signage are an effective measure in making it easier for local residents to dispose of WEEE. 

Recognising this challenge, metroSTOR has designed a WEEE specific aperture compatible with our existing range of PBM bin housings. The aperture helps to separate small to medium sized WEEE so it can safely be deposited within the bin housing and can be combined with our other apertures to deliver effective separation of waste & recyclables. Due to rapidly increasing copper prices WEEE disposal points are potential targets for theft with a view to stripping parts for resale. The metroSTOR PBM range already houses bins within a secure lockable unit and the new WEEE aperture design takes security a step further with an internal shelf to further hinder removal of WEEE items from the designated collection point.