Cappagh Gardens, Belfast, Northern Ireland Housing Executive

Case Study Highlights

ProjectCappagh Gardens, Belfast
ClientNorthern Ireland Housing Executive
Scope metroSTOR PBM Bin Stores

The Northern Ireland Housing Executive’s mission is to ensure that everyone has access to a good affordable home in a safe and healthy community. They work with local communities and 11 separate local Councils to meet the housing needs of existing and future generations, managing 85,000 homes across the whole of Northern Ireland.

A key objective is undertaking environmental improvement schemes, improving resident safety and amenities on the estates they manage,  such as this one in Cappagh Gardens in Belfast.

One of the key issues facing Cappagh Gardens was fly-tipping. The estate had a single central waste and recycling deposit point which no-one took responsibility for and it was also very visible to passing traffic. Because of this, the area was regularly fly-tipped and the recycling rates were extremely low. There was also a growing concern surrounding the fire-risk associated with the waste deposit point.

The problem: Fly-tipping

Partnering with metroSTOR, Northern Ireland Housing Executive created dedicated waste and recycling facilities for each block in accessible locations, encouraging residents to take responsibility for their own facilities and give them a sense of pride in their community. Landscaping works around the bin housings along with seasonal planting and seating areas further enhanced the amenities of the neighbourhood.

metroSTOR PBM bin stores are designed with ease of use in mind, which is essential to optimise recycling participation. Clear signage makes it simple for users to identify the correct bin, and the apertures enable them to deposit both refuse and recyclables without needing to lift a bin lid which is heavy and sometimes dirty as well.

The regeneration has hugely improved the aesthetic of the neighbourhood giving residents a sense of pride and catalysed changes in behaviour. Project Manager Barrie Cooper commented, “The bin housings that we’ve had installed recently at Cappagh Gardens have transformed the neighbourhood. The fly-tipping has stopped, fire risk is minimised and residents are now actively recycling where they didn’t used to at all before, because we’ve made it so easy for them.”

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