Falcon House, Holborn

Case Study Highlights

ProjectFalcon House, Holborn
ClientLondon Borough of Camden
ScopemetroSTOR E-Series Bin Screen Systems

Custom bin screen secures vulnerable streetside bin area

While the practical challenge of cost-effective waste streaming storage will always be a focus at metroSTOR, the positive impact attractive outdoor storage areas can have on people living in a close community cannot be underestimated. The London Borough of Camden understood this when they approached metroSTOR to provide a bin enclosure solution for the tenants of Falcon House for a streetside site located close to the building’s entrance.

With a variety of 4–wheel bins, the borough had already identified a practical waste streaming system that met the needs of their existing tenants at Falcon House. However the existing bin site was exposed and the council were concerned that although it was accessible this might attract anti-social behaviour that would affect the area and potentially discourage tenants from using it. As well as blighting the area, the threat of vandalism, along with fly-tipping and side waste, were identified as undesirable elements leading to spiralling repair and clean-up costs that the borough dearly wanted to avoid.

metroSTOR’s solution was a bespoke bin enclosure that showcased an attractive but durable design that created a welcoming, inviting and ultimately safe area for bin use in the centre of a heavily populated community.

Our PBE tailored design, 7500mm long x 1500mm high, was constructed off site; allowing the installation process to be carried out quickly and easily with minimal disruption for residents and passing traffic.  The design and construction were chosen to complement the existing brick work; creating an attractive pen enclosure with easy resident access to the building’s waste bins. The smart, practical design took advantage of the streetside location; creating a focal point that still blended in with the multitude of surrounding office and residential buildings.

The intricate detail of the panels, matching existing ones already used by the London Borough of Camden, was produced using metroSTOR’s in house 3D CAD design. No internal framework was needed for the panel’s complex design, laser cut from 5mm mild steel. The panels were stitch welded to the tubular steel frame for the ultimate in robust and durable structures; more than capable of enduring punishing treatment.  The enclosure design is anchored in position with cast in post bases guaranteeing maximum life expectancy in the potentially vulnerable streetside location.

The London Borough of Camden ended up with a dynamic enclosure that provided a significant enhancement for waste disposal and collection and the residents of Falcon House an unobtrusive solution with an aesthetic appeal that lifted the surrounding area.

If you are seeking to give a lift to your existing outdoor storage and looking for a similar panel enclosure solution, please take the time to look at the custom panel page on our website and get in contact so we can discuss your project requirements.