Main Street, Barrhead

Case Study Highlights

ProjectMain Street, Barrhead, Glasgow
ClientBarrhead Housing Association
Main ContractorLandscape & Contracts Ltd
ScopemetroSTOR PSMX Mobility Scooter Charging Unit

metroSTOR PSMX Mobility Scooter Charging Units were included in the external renovation of Barrhead Housing Association’s sheltered living blocks, removing the associated fire risks from inside the flats and communal areas.

metroSTOR PSMX units were selected due to the extra width they offer, allowing users plenty of room to get on and off their scooters, and store other mobility aids. To soften the visual impact of the stores on the courtyard, the metroSTOR PSMX units were specified with ForestPanel FR tongue and groove cladding, which also includes an MgO core fireboard liner, to protect against the spread of fire.

The mobility scooters were laid out around the site in locations with flat access from the building entrances, ensuring travel distances to the stores are as short as possible. Pre-wired and tested electrical panels containing charging sockets and motion activated lighting are installed, terminating in a consumer unit ready to be connected to an appropriate supply.

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