Curnock Street Estate, Camden

Case Study Highlights

ProjectCurnock Street Estate, Camden
ClientCamden Council
ScopemetroSTOR PTM Outdoor Storage Units

In communal environments such as housing estates, effective waste management is a challenge, and one waste stream that is especially problematic to capture effectively is bulky waste. For residents without frequent access to a vehicle, transferring these items to a local HWRC for disposal is largely unachievable. Council collections are often the only feasible option, which can be hindering for some residents due to the cost factor involved, lack of secure external space for items awaiting collection, and potential difficulties transporting items to the street to await collection. In these circumstances fly-tipping can become more commonplace, adversely impacting the appearance and quality of the housing environment, as well as presenting an arson risk.

In the Curnock Street Estate in Camden, residents benefited from access to an external container for short-term storage of bulky items awaiting collection. However, following damage to the ground underneath, Camden Council were required to remove the container, implementing a fenced-off space as a temporary measure in its place.

Having previously worked alongside metroSTOR with the installation of a Bulky Waste Store at Compton Close, Camden Council knew how these stores provide opportunities to successfully negate fly tipping and side waste, approaching metroSTOR with the aim of integrating a similar solution for residents of the Curnock Street Estate.

Installed in two on-site locations, 2no. metroSTOR PTM 18.36 Outdoor Storage Units provide a capacity of 3no. secure lockers respectively. Door configuration was specified as both left and right hand hung to enable ease of access for residents and collection teams, while the middle door was configured as a fixed panel and the unit specified without internal divider panels, creating 1 large unit with access at either end.

The linear design format of the metroSTOR PTM was key to enable placement in the required on-site space. To prevent damage to the ground underneath as per the previous store, a concrete base was constructed as part of groundworks for the installation.

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