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ProjectPoplars, Ealing Council
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New communal bin stores for Poplars temporary housing development

Ealing Council in London have been working tirelessly over the years to reduce the number of families forced to live in B&B’s when temporary accommodation is unavailable. It has achieved this by delivering over 2,500 homes let at affordable rents, amongst other things. The council has undertaken a new project for affordable temporary housing which is near completion, in Greenford.

Poplars, the new housing units located on Lilian Board Way are purpose-built temporary dwellings, offering residents the usual kitchen and bathroom facilities, but also the independence and dignity of their own front door, as opposed to just a room in a B&B. These units will offer hundreds of local families a secure and comfortable home until a permanent place has been found, whilst helping to reduce the rate of homelessness.

Initial plans for the project included a bespoke communal waste and recycling bin enclosure with a sustainable green roof system. Working closely with Ealing council, metroSTOR was able to achieve the desired outcome with a more cost-effective solution by specifying a range of bin store housings to make efficient use of available space across the site while keeping waste and recycling bins secure.

Twelve metroSTOR PBMT 1 units were installed, each housing 1100L Taylor Continental 4-wheeled bins. These bin stores encourage recycling with clear signage and waste stream door apertures that prevent refuse bags from being added incorrectly to recycling units, helping to avoid potential cross-contamination of recyclables. Internal deflector plates are also fitted, ensuring all waste is contained inside the units. The bin storage housings are secured using eurocyclinder locks, and finished in a fire-resistant polyester powder coating in Firenze black, in keeping with the surrounding architecture.

metroSTOR FX food waste bin was also installed, housing a 240L 2-wheeled bin. Residents can place their food waste directly into the container without touching the bin or the lid, as it offers touch-free access with the use of a foot pedal. The design also limits odours and other undesirable side effects that occur when food waste deposits start to degrade within the bin, by ensuring the food waste container is kept enclosed as soon as the food waste has been deposited. The robust and easy-to-use bin housing compliments both the adjacent bin storage housings and its wider surroundings in the chosen finish of Firenze Nordic Black body and Firenze Green lid. Clear signage has been added for ease of use and the unit is secured with a triangle key control.

The metroSTOR team is proud to have been a part of this affordable housing project by incorporating a safer and cleaner way to manage waste for future residents.

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