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ProjectLondon Borough of Southwark, South London
ScopemetroSTOR PBM Bin Housing

Green roof bin housings help council’s Great Estates Programme

Southwark council has been looking into new ways to improve the look, feel and lived experience of its estates within the borough. In May 2019 it launched ‘The Great Estates programme’, a programme that guarantees every estate is clean, safe, and cared for – working together with the residents, giving them the tools to garden and help contribute towards the improvements.

An Estate Improvement Plan has been developed for each housing estate incorporating improvement ideas from the residents for shared spaces, in a concerted effort to bring people together and integrate the communities. A big part of the improvement plan is focused on keeping the estates clean and tidy with good waste and recycling management in accessible locations for every household, which improves resident safety and wellbeing, as well as reducing the environmental impact.

Working with Southwark Council, metroSTOR have installed close to 100 metroSTOR PBM bin housings across the estates, each capable of accommodating a 1280L 4-wheeled bin with easy to use waste loading apertures, and internal deflector plates fitted to ensure all waste is contained inside the bin. The PBM bin housing units are designed to secure the 4-wheeled waste and recycle bins within an enclosed housing, leaving no space for refuse to be deposited outside of the receptacle provided – with access to the bin in an open position removing the need for residents to lift the lid when depositing the waste material.

The robust bin housings are designed to reduce fire risks associated with waste disposal, and due to the close proximity to residential properties were configured in a fire resistant ForestPanel timber slat cladding on steel framework, displaying clear signage for added ease of use.

With climate change and environmental sustainability at the forefront of the council’s programme, and to help combat pollution in built up urban areas, the secure bin stores have been constructed with Sedum green roof systems – offering an excellent microclimate and habitat for insects and birds, whilst helping to offset the urban landscape. As well as aiding biodiversity the green roof systems also contribute to the reduction of CO2 in the air, with 1m2 of green roof able to absorb up to 5kg of carbon dioxide every year.

The Sedum-only green roofs are drought tolerant, requiring minimal maintenance as they retain rainfall, this in turn reduces the burden on sewerage systems. The green roofs also absorb heat, which helps to keep the interior of the bin store cool – this helps to slow down the bacterial process and reduces any unpleasant odours, making for a more pleasing environment for the residents.

The early feedback received from the Residents Associations on how the new bin stores are helping to improve recycling and promote cleaner neighbourhoods is very positive and great to hear!

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