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ProjectBrighton Road, London Borough of Kingston
ScopemetroSTOR PBLX Bin Housing

Street bins for flatted properties

One of the key objectives for Councils in urban areas is securing clean recycling from every household, and properties like flats above shops that don’t have room to store bins safely present a particular challenge. Bagged refuse has to be put out on the pavement for collection, which looks very unsightly and leaves it at risk of being torn open by animals.

The London Borough of Kingston Upon Thames in West London has been looking into ways to provide effective domestic waste facilities for residents living in flatted accommodation in the Brighton Road area, along with finding a solution to fly-tipping and side waste issues – which caused an undesirable impact on the neighbourhood, as well as regular costly caretaking inputs for removal.

The London Borough ran a trial using external bin stores to capture domestic waste along Brighton Road for residents of the flats above shops who have no storage space for wheelie bins or waste sacks, ensuring they have easy and secure access to their designated refuse bins.

Working closely with the London Borough of Kingston, metroSTOR specified four metroSTOR PBLX bin housings, each holding two 240L-360L capacity 2-wheeled bins. The metroSTOR PBLX bin store is designed to secure the two-wheeled waste bins within an enclosed housing, making it both safe and accessible for both residents and collectors.

Due to the close proximity to commercial and residential property, these robust and easy-to-use bin housings are configured in a highly durable non-combustible fire protection board-lined cladding with the chosen finish of Firenze Night Black, and the addition of bespoke signage. The solid door design limits odours and other undesirable side effects as the food waste deposits start to degrade within the bin. A secure key code locking system ensures the housing is accessed solely by the residents who are part of the trial and not the general public.

We are pleased to report that this has been successful and is now being rolled out in other areas in the Borough.

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