St David Court, Aster Group

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Project St Davids Court, Southampton
ClientAster Group
ScopemetroSTOR PBM Bin Storage Units

Upgrading existing bin stores for the Aster Group

Aster Group is a housing association managing more than 32,000 homes across the south of England, delivering services to around 93,000 residents. Having previously supplied bin stores on a number of projects across the portfolio, Streetspace were pleased to once again work with Aster Group to find the best solution when the bin storage facilities at St Davids Court, Southampton were identified as no longer fit for purpose. The existing bin stores were too small for the number of bins required which resulted in fly tipping and posed a significant fire risk to the residents.

Aster Group specified 5 metroSTOR PBM bin storage units for both general waste and recycling in a range of sizes to provide optimal waste management. In total 14 4-wheeled bin units were securely housed. Each unit was equipped with either ‘general waste’ or ‘recycling’ signage with the appropriate apertures for ease of use and to prevent contamination between waste streams. The installation of these smart PBM units means there is now sufficient space for the number of bins required, resulting in a reduction of unsightly side waste and fly tipping and higher levels of recycling.

metroSTOR PBM bin stores are designed to reduce the fire risk associated with waste disposal, so can be specified with fire resistant side and roof cladding options where the desired 6m building clearance distance is not viable. Due to the location of the bin stores being adjacent to the footpaths leading to and from the main entrance way, all 5 units were finished with non combustible firenze cladding, reducing dangers the residents were originally at risk to as a result of the inadequate waste management previously in place.

The bin storage units provide a safer and cleaner way to manage waste, improve amenities across the estate while helping to improve residents wellbeing and peace of mind.

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