Newfield Drive, Nelson

Case Study Highlights

ProjectNewfield Drive, Nelson, Borough of Pendle
ClientTogether Housing Association
ScopemetroSTOR PBM Bin Storage Housing

Managing over 36,000 homes, Together Housing Association is a non-profit organisation and one of the largest housing associations in the North of England, providing rental and shared ownership, as well as retirement living and Housing with Care.

Working alongside Pendle Borough Council, the organisation recently sought to upgrade and improve waste management facilities on the Newfield Drive estate in Nelson, Lancashire. Like many households across the country, individual wheelie bins were provided for residents to store their waste & recyclables, however, a consultation process with residents highlighted the insufficient capacity of the bins, which led to difficulties separating their recyclables. Contamination and side waste accumulation then became a regular occurrence as the bins were often stored in a disorderly manner when awaiting collection, creating issues for collection teams and creating a generally unsightly appearance on bin day. As a result of the consultation, Together Housing Association found there was a desire from residents to resolve these issues. 

With removal of the existing individual wheelie bins regarded as primary and necessary action, the organisation required an effective, alternative solution in their place, that could make the separation of recyclables easier, provide improved capacity, and enable an increase in collection frequency. With all of these goals facilitated by the provision of communal bin stores, metroSTOR provided the design, delivery, installation and on-site ground works for 2no. metroSTOR PBM Bin Storage Housings.

Manufactured with Firenze Leaf Green external finishes, the new communal bin stores offer residents a convenient, easily accessible solution for recycling and waste disposal that successfully restricts contamination. With some of the individual wheelie bins left haphazardly around the estate on bin day, leading to the wrong items being placed in the bins, apertures provided as general waste, cardboard only, and mixed recycling help to encourage correct practice. A latch + code secure locking system additionally secures the bins within the housing.

With the bin stores installed in December 2022, residents have since welcomed the addition of the new units, highlighting the positive contribution they have made to waste management on Newfield Drive. Together Housing Association have also worked with Pendle Council to increase collections to twice weekly, ensuring the estate remains cleaner and tidier.

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