Pearson Crescent, Barnsley

Case Study Highlights

ProjectPearson Crescent, Barnsley
ClientBerneslai Homes
ArchitectNPS Barnsley
ScopemetroSTOR PBLE-8 Waste Stream Enclosures

Custom bin screens complement external refurbishment project

Pearson Crescent, in Wombwell, Barnsley, is part of a social housing area, owned by Barnsley MBC and managed by Berneslai Homes.

Just off Pearson Crescent, there was an area that contained some rented garages, pathways and a low quality grassy area. The garages were under-utilised and the area had fallen into general disrepair, making it unsightly.

A Community Consultation Event was held in April 2015 with the aim of identifying the key concerns that the local community had about this area. Attended by more than 50 residents and local members, the event pinpointed a number of issues.

The area generally looked unattractive and there was a lack of parking spaces for the adjacent flats and houses. The bin stores were also wrongly placed and not large enough. They had been sited too near to the entrances of the flats and did not accommodate all the range of bins in use.

The Pearson Crescent Housing and Parking Provision proposed developments that would address these issues and improve and enhance the area. The proposals included building three new houses, creating a new parking area and improving footpaths.

Property design and architectural practice, NPS Barnsley, was appointed to project manage the development.

With experience in social housing, the company knew what was required for the bin stores. Assistant Architect Gemma Hinchliffe specified four metroSTOR PBLE-8 Waste Stream Enclosures.

The modular Waste Stream Enclosure units are 5,000mm long, by 2,400mm wide and 1,500mm high and each has the capacity to hold eight 120 litre bins.

Main contractors Colas purchased the metroSTOR units through builders’ merchants James Burrell.

The safe and attractive bin storage facilities are sited in locations that were convenient for both residents and bin crews. Gemma Hinchliffe specified the modular units in preference to standard fencing because it offered the client a more durable and attractive product at a competitive price.

The units are designed with a gate that screens the view of the bins from the flats, but which still gives residents easy access to the bins. They are fitted with a spring latch that allows the door to be opened but not locked.

The area is typical of many in Barnsley where Fire Risk Assessors have identified fire risks. Significant fire risks are caused by reduced collection frequencies and also the accumulation of numerous wheelie bins for at-source segregation of recyclables. The metroSTOR units secure all the bins away from the buildings, reducing the fire risks.

The new car parking and bin stores not only now look far more attractive, they have also made a positive contribution to the wider regeneration of the area.

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