Effective Storage Options for Bulky Waste

Table of Contents:

What is Bulky Waste?

‘Bulky waste’ is a category of waste items that are too large or oversized to be stored in regular waste bins and accepted by household waste collection. This can include items such as furniture and large appliances like ovens and refrigerators, televisions and electronic devices, and plumbing fixtures, such as sinks and toilets.

Options for Bulky Waste Disposal

Challenges for Communal Environments

External Storage System

With the criteria for collection services often relying on users storing their items in a safe and secure location; typically near the front of prospective property or on the street, to await collection, this can be very restrictive for communal properties with a lack of external space. Residents in high-rise buildings without potential lift access can also face great difficulty transporting their bulky waste items to street level, while this is largely impossible for those with mobility restrictions.

A lack of effective storage options for residents in these circumstances can then lead to dumping in communal areas, with landlords potentially incurring high removal & disposal costs so that the well-being of other residents and the appearance of their properties is maintained.

Ensuring there are effective storage options for bulky waste items awaiting collection in communal environments should ultimately be regarded as a collective responsibility that requires the active involvement of residents, landlords, and local authorities. In their Reuse, Recycling & Waste Strategy, London Borough of Tower Hamlets raises a clear recommendation for every new residential development in the borough to provide short-term storage for bulky waste.

Requirements for Bulky Waste Storage

For bulky waste storage facilities to be effective there are certain requirements that should be incorporated into the design. Ensuring these requirements are in-place will help to maximise secure use, accessibility and the longevity of the facility.

metroSTOR Bulky Waste Storage

Bulky Waste Store

Offering the means to capture bulky waste at the source, metroSTOR provides versatile, durable outdoor storage units for bulky waste items, ideal for utilisation across sectors from facilities departments to social housing. For landlords, this can be key to reducing bulky waste disposal costs and improving the quality and appearance of communal environments.

Neatly styled to complement surrounding building design and reduce visual impact, access control options and security fixings ensure that bulky waste items secured inside cannot be removed by unauthorised individuals as they await collection, even if the panel integrity is compromised.