Increase Recycling


At metroSTOR we have developed a wide range of bin storage products designed to increase recycling in the neighbourhoods you manage and help you deliver against policy targets.

One of the biggest obstacles to local authorities reaching their household waste collection target of 50% recycling is the challenge presented by flatted accommodation. While the national average recycling rate is around 44%, estates typically have been found to average at only 10%, due to the established use of refuse chutes and inaccessible recycling facilities. On-street properties, particularly where there is a bag-collection policy in place, struggle to meet targets due to a lack of storage space for wheelie bins.

At metroSTOR we are keen advocates of communal street bins for such locations. Our team of specialist consultants have years of experience in helping create facilities that help residents to successfully recycle their waste, carefully designed to ensure successful operation.

Bin Chutes

Bin chutes for flatted accommodation were designed to make it as easy as possible for residents to dispose of their waste. However, they actively discourage recycling as it’s easier for residents to place recyclables straight in the chute, rather than make a trip to recycling bins outside. They also present further drawbacks including blockages, odour and fire risk if not correctly maintained. While modern bin chute systems do make it possible to recycle, retrofitting this technology to older properties is expensive.

At metroSTOR our team has worked with numerous clients to decommission bin chutes and introduce external refuse and recycling bins. This enables recycling participation to increase, and results in substantial savings with the ongoing maintenance costs associated with bin chutes being omitted.

Accessible Recycling

Installing bin storage in an accessible location is key to improving recycling rates in neighbourhoods. Attractively designed bin housings mean recycling bins can be installed in locations that may not have previously been considered, such as alongside main access paths to properties.

Recycling apertures make disposing of recyclable materials as easy as possible for disabled or elderly residents. Our consultants are able to look at bespoke solutions if you have any specific requirements to provide for disabled users.

Ease of Use

metroSTOR bin stores are designed with ease of use in mind, which is essential to optimise recycling participation within neighbourhoods.

Clear signage with a strong visual message makes it simple for residents to identify the correct bin for their recyclables. Bin stores can also be fitted with door apertures for specific waste streams to restrict the items that can be placed in them.

Bin lids can be a roadblock to recycling, with users disinclined to handle them or being physically unable to lift them and put items in the bin simultaneously. The apertures fitted to metroSTOR units enable users to deposit recyclables without needing to touch any surfaces.