Reduce Waste Costs


Fly-tipping, side waste, overfilled bins and contaminated recycling can develop into costly issues for landlords. Contractors collecting refuse and recyclables are not usually obliged to take contaminated or overfilled bins, bulky items or waste that has fallen on the floor, which leads to additional waste removal costs. The root cause of these issues can often be insufficient bins available, unclear signage and accessible, unsightly and oversized bin stores that encourage fly tipping.

The range of metroSTOR bin storage units has been developed specifically to cater for all bin sizes, helping you to reduce waste costs with easy-to-use units that encourage proper use and are suitable for fitting in accessible locations.

Overflowing Bins

Whilst refuse bins can overflow simply because there is insufficient capacity for the number of dwellings and the collection frequency, it can also be due to unauthorised use of the bins or missed collections due to contamination or blocked access. Our team of specialists can work with you to calculate the right bin capacity, assess suitable locations for your metroSTOR bin storage units and help you specify the correct apertures for the relevant waste streams and locking systems to prevent unauthorised use if required.

Contaminated Recycling

Disposal of contaminated recycling can cost up to five times the cost of collecting uncontaminated recyclables, with residents often being unaware that the carrier bag used to put their recyclables in the correct bin can be regarded as contamination. metroSTOR door apertures designed for specific waste streams allows recyclables to be ‘posted’ into the correct bin, and along with clear signage, makes recycling a pleasure for tenants.


Untidy bin stores with low risk of detection are a haven for fly-tippers, whether on a commercial scale or a number of households in the area depositing their waste on your property. Combining neat metroSTOR bin storage units in accessible locations have been proven to almost completely eradicate the issue in areas that were previously badly affected.

Side Waste

Side waste accumulates where sacks of rubbish are left in the bin store area but not in the bins. This can start by users being disinclined to lift bin lids and it rapidly accumulates. metroSTOR bin enclosures remove the need to lift a bin-lid with easy to use apertures that avoid the need to touch any surfaces.