Improve Environments


New bin stores are frequently near the top of tenant group wish-lists when it comes to refurbishment projects. In older housing environments, bin stores are often synonymous with bad odours, litter and vermin. They can also sadly become hotspots for antisocial behaviour. These factors discourage residents from entering and using bin stores, which can create side waste that in turn leads to fly tipping of waste by non-residents, the removal of which is costly.

Providing attractively designed new bin housings that are easy to use and in accessible locations presents housing providers with an opportunity to drive real change and improve neighbourhoods considerably.

Visual Enhancement

The number of bins per household has increased significantly in recent years, as collection frequencies reduce and recycling streams are added. This ‘bin blight’ in itself has a negative visual impact on neighbourhoods, which is exacerbated when accumulations of bins attract fly-tipping.

Selecting metroSTOR’s bin storage products that are neat and attractively designed can visually transform your neighbourhoods, creating communal facilities that residents can actually take pride in.

Antisocial Behaviour

Bin stores have historically been located out of the general line of sight, and therefore tend to attract crime and antisocial behaviour. metroSTOR bin housings can be located in prominent positions without unacceptable visual impact or fire risk, creating a facility where residents can feel safe.

A prime target for arson attacks, wheeled bins can be pushed alongside or even into buildings and the contents ignited. metroSTOR bin stores enable housing providers to address this risk by securing wheeled bins within a locked enclosure.

Customer Complaints

Many of our clients tell us that they see more customer complaints arising from bins and bin stores than any other single item. metroSTOR bin storage solutions help to solve many of these issues. Our team of specialists will work with you and engage in tenant consultation events as required, to find a solution that works best for your neighbourhood.