University of Winchester, Winchester

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ProjectUniversity of Winchester, Winchester
ScopemetroSTOR PCL Cycle Lockers

metroSTOR PCL Cycle Storage Lockers are used to provide a bank of secure, individual cycle parking spaces for students and staff at the University of Winchester.

The current emphasis on green travel means that provision of secure cycle storage is vital, enabling building users to travel by bicycle with the confidence that their means of transport is kept safe and dry until the next occasion of use. metroSTOR PCL cycle lockers have a full length wheel guide to make it easy for users to put their bike in the store, and an integrated wheel guide to keep it upright.

metroSTOR PCL has a range of locking options and in this instance, the client opted for a simple hasp and staple option so users can use their own padlock, reducing the administrative burden of distributing keys. In addition to the lock on the door, the stores have integrated internal locking points for bicycles to be secured to. A unique levelling plinth enabled the units to be situated on an existing concrete slab.

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