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Although situated in a leafy area within the London Borough of Richmond, Harbridge Avenue in Wandsworth has its issues with fly-tipping in the area. This situation is quite typical of similar places across the country – a medium-rise block of flats with internal refuse chutes and insufficient bins located outside for over-sized refuse bags and recycling. Inevitably, like all open and unsecured bins they would regularly become filled to overflowing with both refuse and bulky items, causing an undesirable impact on the neighbourhood, as well as regular costly caretaking inputs for removal.

This resulted in the recycling bins around Harbridge Avenue regularly becoming contaminated with refuse and requiring to be emptied as a separate, much more costly operation. The net result being that very little clean recycling was being captured from the flats at all. The ensuing mess was having an adverse effect on the neighbourhood and on the residents’ pride and perceptions of their own community. As we know, rubbish begets more rubbish and there was little incentive to improve things as a consequence of the antisocial behaviour that was occurring. 

Wandsworth Borough Council tasked metroSTOR with creating a solution to improve the situation – to address the issues of side waste and fly-tipping by providing easy-to-use recycling facilities in accessible locations for every household, improving the residents’ safety and wellbeing.

We proposed the installation of a selection of metroSTOR PBM bin housings in strategic locations along the street to ensure all households had access to a secure bin hub. Housing both 2-wheeled and 4-wheeled wheelie bins, the bin stores make it easier for residents to put their refuse and recycling into the correct container without getting their hands dirty. This also results in a positive impact on the environment as it reduces the amount of refuse going to landfill.

The project has been very successful, with no loose bags of refuse now being left outside the bins and the placement of bulky items such as mattresses, sofas and other discarded furniture next to the binstores whilst awaiting collection is substantially reduced.

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