Wendling, Gospel Oak

Case Study Highlights

ProjectWendling, Gospel Oak NW5
ClientLondon Borough of Camden
Main ContractorWates Living Space
ScopemetroSTOR PBC recycling Centre

Streetspace developed the metroSTOR PBC unit design as a result of a specific set of challenges faced by London Borough of Camden at some of their general needs accommodation properties, where recycling bins in public areas need securing.

Wendling had used communal bins for many years with few issues; however as fire risk assessments started to identify bins close to buildings as fire hazards, the bins had to be moved away from the buildings into public spaces to meet the required separation distances. However with bins still loose, the tendency was for them to drift back to their original locations.

The metroSTOR PBC Recycling Centre was developed to hold bins securely in a fixed location, with cladding to screen them from view. The doors have FB2-operated locks to ensure straightforward access for bin crews. A slatted roof is incorporated for two purposes; to shade the bins from direct sunlight and also deter residents from putting waste in the bins from upper storey windows and balconies.

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